Wood Veneer for Custom Cabinetry and Refacing


Wood veneer is the ultimate design material for new custom cabinets as well as kitchen cabinetry refacing projects. In either situation, customers or designers can pick a visually stunning wood species and completely transform the look and feel of their eating space and cupboards.

Installers have many choices for veneer backing when installing in kitchen situations. For example, 10 Mil paperback is a good choice when a veneer press is available. Bubble-Free 22 Mil, phenolic back, or wood-on-wood are great choices for contact cement installations. And finally, a very popular choice for cabinetry is PSA backing. PSA, or pressure sensitive adhesive peel-and-stick, makes the job much easier, as glue is already applied and set evenly.

Feel free to browse our ever-growing list of wood veneer - already the largest backed veneer selection in North America.