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Veneering over Formica

Veneering over Formica



I have a Formica covered cabinet. I want to cover the cabinet with a wood veneer. Can I just sand the Formica and apply contact cement or should I strip the Formica from the cabinet before applying the veneer?


Actually if the laminate is in good shape and there are no adhesion issues this is a perfect situation to use a pressure sensitive veneer, commonly reffered to as “Peel and Stick” directly over the laminate. Peel and stick veneers have been used in cabinet refacing for many many years and what makes it extreemly useful in this type of project is 1. you don’t need to add the expense of purchasing an adhesive and 2. it will save you quite a bit of time. PSA veneers are very easy to use. You need a straight edge, razor knife with plenty of fresh blades and a block of wood to press the veneer down to the surface. See our veneer tips section on our website for more detailed instructions.

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