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Veneering onto glass possible?

Veneering onto glass possible?



I am planning on face-mounting a sheet of veneer to glass or plexiglass. I know it’s bizarre, but it has a use in a piece I am working on. I’m aware that the adhesive or cement will be visible, and to an extent that depends on what the compound is.

Does anyone have tips for these?

  • Glass or plexiglass?
  • Cements that dry transparent?
  • Would the cement age in such a way that it changes color or adversely affect the veneer face?
  • Lastly, is this doomed to failure?



You didn’t say what type of veneer you plan to use for the project. If you’re using raw veneer without any type of backing it will fail if you use contact cement. If you are using a paperbacked flexible veneer contact cement will work but will be visible through the clear substrate.

In our opinion, the best veneer in this situation would be something with a pressure sensitive adhesive such as the 3M adhesive peel and stick. This adhesive is reccomended for use on non-porous substrate material.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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