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Veneer Thick Enough for Making Bass Guitars?

Veneer Thick Enough for Making Bass Guitars?



I don’t know if you have a product that will work for what I would like to do. I make bass guitars and need a product that I can use to cover the back of my basses.

I need a product about 1/8″ – 3/16″ in thickness that I can laminate on the back of the bass. I plan to cut an oval in the back and make an access panel for working and/or replacing the electronic components.

I need the product to be sanded in a way that allows contouring, so if it’s layered it has to be high quality layers throughout. I have put a link to a site that shows the kind of shaping that I do on my basses. Thanks for your time in advance.

Foot note: This is not my bass nor do I claim credit for the production in the image. It’s made by Alembic Basses who inspired my humble attempt to make custom bass guitars.


Based on your stated requirements, I don’t feel our product is suitable for your application. The thickness of our veneer is only about 1/32″-3/64″ thick and that includes a paper backing. Even the wood on wood veneer, which is a little thicker, can’t be used because there is a paper layer sandwiched between the face and the wood backer. Usually the backer is a cheap mahogany-type wood which would not be aesthetically pleasing to look at in the case of a sand through.

You should probably be looking for solid veneer but you may run into a problem trying to find something that thick. At that point, it’s really more like lumber than veneer as far as its thickness and working properties. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I hope this sheds a little light on the subject. I’d be curious to hear other opinions.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support