Wood Veneer for Commercial and Residential Interior Design


Woodworkers and interior designers make extensive use of wood veneer for commercial and residential applications of nearly every style, size, and room type. This includes hotel lobbies, atriums, restaurants, office buildings, institutional buildings, high end resorts, store fixtures, shopping malls, homes, mansions, and more. Veneer is an excellent choice for interiors because it is cost effective, will last for years, and generally doesn't fall out of style.

For example, the picture on the left depicts a large library completed with rich-toned anigre and crotch mahogany veneer. Additional elegant choices can be seen by browsing our burl collection, while farmhouse and western themes can be achieved using our extensive rustics collection.

Other incredible wood veneer usage ideas within commercial interiors include restaurant booths, concierge desks, bars and bar cabinets, ceiling beams and panels, elevator cabs, and boardroom / ballroom wall paneling.

Interior designers are encouraged to browse our comprehensive selection of wood veneer for excellent commercial and residential interior choices.