Our Staff

Oakwood Veneer Company is the Veneer Industry Standard

300+ wood veneer species (in all sizes with your choice of backers) are here for your woodworking projects. But only one species can make it all happen -- the human one!

It's our goal to stock exactly what you have in mind and ship it to you the same day you call (if ordered before 12:00 noon EST).

To make that happen we have a stellar team -- from the guys in back who work the machines each day to create our top-quality wood veneers, to Rich and James who work in the warehouse to select and pack up your order, to Peter and Jay who answer your technical questions, and to all of the front office staffers who process your order and make sure it all ships on time! Add to that the many details that make a business run like clockwork and you have the entire team at Oakwood.


The Front Office: Marketing / Sales / Shipping

Whether you have a question about veneer installation or you're eager to order your choice of wood veneer, the front office is working every day to meet your needs. Working on everything from taking your calls to improving our web site, our front office team is looking to provide you with the wood veneer you need for your project. If our doors are open, you will always talk to one of us -- and never a machine!



President, Owner, Buyer, Sales, etc

"I talk to you when you need technical assistance to make the best buy for your particular project."

  • Enjoys cooking and exercise
  • Studies nutrition



Production / Warehouse Manager

"I make certain everything moves smoothly and efficiently in the warehouse and production to give you the service you expect at Oakwood."

  • Been in woodworking industry for 35 years
  • Does stained glass, silversmithing, and marine navigation



Management / Sales

"I work with you when you need to make a wood veneer purchase. As the H.R. manager, it's my job to keep our Oakwood team happy."

  • Huge 1980’s music fan
  • Licensed attorney



Office Team Leader and Sales

"I'm the front office team leader. I take and process orders, run accounts payable, process shipping and I do anything else that needs to get done at Oakwood."

  • Likes to sew and vacation
  • Especially likes visiting kids and grandchildren



Bookkeeper / Marketing

"I am the company bookkeeper and I work with the Oakwood Marketing Team to keep in touch with you."

  • Loves time with her family
  • Loves her cocker spaniel and shih tzu



Marketing / Sales

"I directly service you when you call and I work to communicate through our website."

  • Plays piano, guitar, and bass
  • Michigan State football and basketball fan

Veneer Manufacturing and Warehouse Team

This is where is all starts! Our Machine Team splices, clips, flexes and presses, making every sheet a piece of wood veneer you can be proud to use on any project. Our Warehouse Team pulls your wood veneer selection from our shelves and works with the shipping department up front to get your order out the door on the truck to you!



Sales / Technical Support

"I work in the warehouse making sure you get the precise veneer you need for your project. I receive your photos and work with you to match the veneer that you have in mind."

  • Family man and accomplished musician
  • Plays with several local rockabilly bands and enjoys playing out most weekends



Press Operator #2

"I run the press to create your special orders and for stock."

  • Been playing hockey for 16 years
  • Is a two and a half star chef