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How should I veneer my fireplace mantle?

How should I veneer my fireplace mantle?



I want to put a veneer facing on my fireplace mantle. It is a chunk of Birch wood with dowels put in the front to support it to the stone. It does not look attractive so I want something to cover the front. Which veneer is best to use for this? Can I use the PSA kind if it is near fire and heat?


You can use the PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Veneer. It shouldn't be affected by the heat generated from your fireplace.

If you decide to go with this veneer, you must first seal the bare wood surface on your mantle with a regular varnish, poly, or sanding sealer. The pressure sensitive veneer bonds much better with a sealed, non-porous surface. We wouldn't recommend a paperbacked veneer with contact cement for this situation. We hope this clears up a few things for you.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support