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Help! Stained Plywood?

Help! Stained Plywood?



I have a desktop made from 3/4″ finish grade birch plywood. I had previously stained the suface with an oil based stain and then a polyurethane finish.

I want to apply a 10mil paperbacked veneer to cover the poor staining job I did. Is there any adhesive/surface prep product that can be used over the finish? I have tried sanding a spot but the oil stain has penetrated deep into the surface.

Also what is the best adhesive to use to ensure a tight bond? Any suggestions on this?


Now that you’ve finished the surface the simplest thing to do would be to apply Bubble Free Veneer over the existing finish and use contact cement to adhere it. This won’t require any removal of the existing finish. We would suggest the finish be sanded with a rough sand paper which will give the contact cement a better “bite.”

Any other method of re-veneering this top would require complete stripping of the finish and the use of a vacuum press or other pressing method with conventional wood glue or resin glue. You will have good results with the Bubble Free Veneer and contact cement if you follow the application instructions on our web site.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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