Birch Veneer - White Flat Cut

$127.68 - $366.72
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Flat Cut White Birch Veneer has nice cathedrals. The veneer has a creamy white color with pale brown heartwood making it a good choice for most projects.

Birch Veneer is also referred to as Canadian Yellow Birch or American Sweet Birch. It has a wider range of colors. People assume that it is only white or red, but they can be surprised to find tan, yellow, silver, and pink. Birch grows in the United States and Canada and is a closed grain wood. It has a fine and even texture and sometimes has a figure similar to curly maple. The sapwood is generally referred to as white birch while the heart of the tree is generally called red birch. When birch is half white sapwood and half red heartwood, it is called natural two-tone birch.