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Best finish for exterior veneer application

Best finish for exterior veneer application



I intend to use this product to make a faux PT Cruiser woody, without resorting to those vinyl decals. What would be the best finish for weathering the elements? I feel that using a clear coat as on the automobile may work, but may prove to be too brittle. Has anyone done this successfully with a couple of years behind it who can provide any insight?

Thanks in advance.


For panels like this an epoxy would be the best way to glue the veneer to what ever substrate you intend to use. As to finishing, what would provide the best results would be to use an epoxy as a base coat and there are materials that can be used for both adhering the veneer and as the base coat basically encapsulating the veneer much like what would be done in marine applications. West system epoxies has a “Special Coating Hardener” that gives you a slow cure that allows the material to flow so it can be applied nicely. The thing to remember is that epoxies are not that UV stable so you still need to apply a UV stable finish like a exterior varnish or a 2 part exterior urethane.

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