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Applying veneer with spray contact cement?

Applying veneer with spray contact cement?



I went to a hardwood store that sells veneer, and I was asking the owner about contact cement. He recommends 3M Super 90 in the spray can. He swears by it. What is everyone’s opinion on this product

What should be used on the bubble free?
I’m new at veneering and want all the answers before I start.

– Bill


We might not have “all” the answers but we certainly have an opinion. :-)

We would recommend a brush or roll on application instead of the spray. The main reason we recommend this is proper coverage. If you’ve ever used any of the spray adhesives before you’ll know that it comes out in kind of a spatter or stringy spray pattern. To achieve the proper amount of coverage with this spray pattern is kind of subjective.

With a regular brush or roller application, you can pretty much guarantee you’ve got 100% coverage of the substrate and the veneer. The Bubble Free Veneer can be used with contact cement whereas the 10 mil paperback should never be used with contact cement.

The real key to achieving success is to smooth the veneer with a veneer scraper or hard wood block and lots of pressure, never use a j-roller. The User Tips section of the Oakwood web site tells you how to make your own scraper and the proper way to use contact cement with veneer.

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