Pressure Sensitive
Adhesive Backed Veneers (PSA)


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  • White Ash, Flat Cut
  • Red Birch
  • White Birch, Rotary Cut
  • Flat Cut Cherry
  • Quartered Cherry
  • Two Tone Hickory
  • African Mahogany, Flat Cut
  • Maple, Flat Cut
  • Red Oak, Flat Cut
  • Quartered Red Oak w/ Flake
  • Red Oak, Rift Cut
  • White Oak, Flat Cut
  • White Oak, Rift Cut
  • White Pine
  • Knotty Pine
  • Walnut, Flat Cut

Peel and Stick Wood Veneer

Our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Veneer is in stock and immediately available in 16 standard wood species (right). We can also make pressure sensitive veneer in 60 additional species in sizes 4'x8' and 4'x10' on a special order basis.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive PSA Peel and Stick Wood Veneer   Sticky Back Self Adhesive 3M Iron-On Pre-Glued Preglued Wood Veneer

When should you use PSA?

Pressure sensitive veneer is an industry standard for cabinet refacing. You can upgrade your kitchen or bathroom easily without the need for special tools and adhesives. Pressure sensitive adhesive backed veneer allows you to easily reposition the sheets as you work.

Cut it oversized about a 1/2" all around. Peel the release paper off, lay the veneer on your work piece and, when you are sure the position is correct, apply pressure from the center out to the edges. If you make a mistake, you can reposition PSA veneer for up to 24 hours after it was originally laid down. After that the glue becomes more permanent.

Have questions about using PSA?

Read our online PSA Veneer Installation Guide. It will help you prepare and complete your project using the best methods.

We have veneering solutions and information in our online virtual Veneer Workshop. Be sure to visit it. Submit questions to our tech support staff about specific veneering projects in the workshop or email us at

Our most popular ready-to-ship in-stock flexible wood veneer:

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Pine Veneer Rosewood Veneer Sapele Veneer Teak Veneer Walnut Veneer Zebrawood Veneer

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