Now We Know Where Baby Veneer Trees Come From

Okay, so this isn’t a true lesson on the biology of wood veneer. But take a look at the photos. What you see used to be a tree and is now . . . well you decide. Our neighbor had this piece of art created from a tree that would have otherwise been destined for the fireplace or chipper. Word on the street is that the design is supposed to be of “children frolicking in springtime.” Um, I can’t disagree with the springtime thing, but it’s the “children” part that is problematic. Whatever the case, it’s a stunning piece of art – and quite the talk of the neighborhood. Most people like it. According to one neighbor, the project cost several thousand dollars. And well worth it. At Oakwood Veneer, we like to see trees live beyond their original incarnation. And if this leads to even more trees, that makes us happier yet.