Architectural Qtr Fiddleback Anigre Veneer Highly Figured

Highly Figured
Architectural Grade

Architectural Grade Anigre Veneer, Highly Figured


Anigre Veneer Quartered Architectural Figured is used in wall panels to casework and cabinets. This highly figured architectural Anigre is the best of all of our premium Anigre selections and is great for any project. Sequencing is easier, due to the large size of the tree.

Quarter Sawn Anigre can be found in West and East Africa, particularly Tanzania. The common names are Aningeria and Anegre. It can also be known as Aninguerie, Aniegre, Landosan, Muna, Osan, Mukali and Kali.

Architectural Grade Fiddleback Anigre Veneer Sample

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