What's the best glue for 10ml paperbacked veneer?

Oct 28th 2015


I recently purchased 10ML Paperbacked Jatoba veneer sheets but have only used pre-glued sheets in the past. What is the recommended way to apply the 10ML Paperbacked sheets to 1/2″ Birch Ply? What Glue should I use and what will give me the best results? HELP?

The best method of glueing would require that you have a vacuum press or be able to press the veneer evenly using clamp pressure and clamping cauls. With either of these methods you can use a PVA cold press glue or a urea formaldehyde glue. You must use some sort of press because these glues need time to cure and the veneer has to remain under pressure through the curing process.

Another method that could be used on a small scale would be the use of white or yellow PVA Glue and a standard household iron. This method is described in more detail online in Oakwood’s “User Tips” section.

If none of these methods works for your circumstance, you can use contact cement which doesn’t require any clamping pressure because it instantly bonds upon contact. For this method, you should definitely use 20 mil paperback veneer. Contact cement is a glueline that does not cure hard … ever! Because it remains flexible, the thicker backing helps to stabilize the veneer and prevent movement. Contact cement is not recommended for use with 10 mil paperback veneer.

This might change your plans but it’s better to do it right once rather than have problems down the road. You can always call us for further veneering help or utilize the information we’ve created for our online User Tips. They answer the most frequently asked questions posed to us by woodworkers.

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