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Veneering Rounded Corners

Veneering Rounded Corners



Hi. I want to refinish an old cedar chest. The entire inside of the chest is unfinished red cedar. However the outside top, sides, and front have a veneer. Before I realized what veneer was and that this chest had it, I started sanding it because I was thinking I could sand down to the bare cedar then re-stain and seal it. Obviously, I am a novice at this!

Now I know what veneer is, and I’m thinking the best thing to do is just put new veneer over the old. If I do this, how do I prepare the old surface for the new veneer? The old veneer is not bubbling or cracked but I’ve sanded some of the finish away. Should I sand it all down to make the new adhesive bond better? I will probably use contact cement with 22 mil BFV.

I’m so confused! Please help!


The best thing to do is completely remove the rest of the finish so you won’t have any contamination issues with the adhesive.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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