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Veneering on skateboards

Veneering on skateboards



I am researchng materials for production of longboards. They will be 5/8″ thick marine grade baltic birch with wood veneer on one side (the bottom side). What would be the best method of application so that the veneer does not delaminate when the board is flexing under the weight of a person (only about 1″ of flexing). Luckily the veneer is on the bottom side, since we have seen poor results with veneer applied to the top side. Also, what type of veneer would you recommend (paper or no paper)? Thanks. [200


The best way to glue your veneers would be with some type of epoxy, West Systems would be a good choice.

As far as paperbacked versus raw veneer, it shouldn’t make a difference which one you choose. What will make a difference is that you should veneer both sides of your assembly otherwise you will get an unbalanced panel and most likely some crown or bow in the piece. I hope this information will be helpful.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support