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Veneering a Dining Table

Veneering a Dining Table



I will be making a dining room table and want to use rosewood veneer over 3/4″ plywood. What is the best method for glueing the veneer to the plywood? I do not have a vacuum press. The largest piece is 48″ X 38″. Or should I try to find someone who has a vacuum press?


If you have a choice between two methods of applying veneer, the better method is to press the veneer in a vacuum press or some other type of press. The types of glue you can use that require actual press time or cure time are better because they cure hard and form a rigid glue line. These would include white or yellow PVA glue (woodworking glue) and Urea Formaldehyde which is a resin type glue that must be mixed.

Without a press, the method would use contact cement which gives you an instant bond. The only reason this is the second best method is because contact cement is a non-hardening glue and will always remain somewhat flexible. Many people apply veneer this way and have totally acceptable results, but there is a slight chance for bubbling or delamination if it’s not properly done. If you use this method do not use anything less than a 20 mil paperbacked veneer. 10 mil paperbacked and raw veneer are not acceptable with this type of glue.

For complete instructions on how to apply veneers, visit Oakwood Veneer’s online User Tips Section. We have methods for using Contact Cement along with a page onContact Adhesive Troubleshooting. Those features might give you a hand. Good luck with your project!

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