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Veneering, 10mil iron method, over MDF & spackling

Veneering, 10mil iron method, over MDF & spackling



I used spackling to cover imperfections on my MDF. The spackling is along one edge and various nail holes. Does the spackling need to be sealed before I begin veneering? I am using 10mil paper backed veneer and I plan to use the yellow glue on both surfaces and iron on. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Craig


I don’t think you’ll have a problem with the areas that are spackled. You cannot seal the substrate first because the glue will not bond over a sealed surface. The areas that are spackled will probably absorb the glue more than the MDF so you might want to applly a little heavy in these areas. Good luck with your project.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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