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Veneer Repairing as a New Hobby

Veneer Repairing as a New Hobby



I have an old desk with the veneer falling off the drawers. I decided I was going to jump into a new hobby, and fix it (or at least try to).

Now that I am cross-eyed from site after site not telling me anything, I have landed here. I need instructions for a beginer that might also explain the terms you woodfolk use. If you are unable to go into such detail can you point me to a website that can?

I have looked over the “Links” area. I just don’t have it in me to read 100 more pages that don’t help me. Thanks for your time and effort! :lol:


There are many facets to veneering and skills needed to successfully accomplish your goal. Repairing veneer is different from applying veneer. Then the practice of restoration vs repair is another topic. So with that said, I don’t think you could easily find a one stop shop for all the info you will need. What I would do is invest in a couple of books on the subject of veneering. Taunton press, the people who do Fine Woodworking Magazine have a few books that cover the different aspects of veneering which will cover anything you need to know regarding application, veneer selection and finishing.

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