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2-sided veneer application

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have sort of a tricky question and, after much surfing on the net and sifting through the other posts on this forum, this seems like the best place to find an answer.My project is a little … read more

Veneering both sides of MDF

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I’m building an entertainment center and using 10 mil paperbacked Walnut veneer over MDF. I have seen DITY advice on the Internet saying that it’s necessary to veneer both sides of the MDF. I … read more

Veneering the Reverse Side

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I plan on doing my first veneer attempt with 22 mil. The reverse of the panels won’t be seen. I don’t want to use expensive veneer on those sides. What does everyone use on the inside panels? … read more