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Getting bubbles out of veneer

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have an 80-year-old piano that the previous owner tried to refinish. Some of the veneer on the top is bubbled up. I tried using an iron to stick it back down, but it didn’t help. I thought … read more

Cleaning antique wood veneer

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a veneered hope chest by Lane Furniture that is 60-70 yrs old. It was my mother-in-law’s and it was her mother’s before that. The veneer itself seems to be fine (meaning it isn’t buckl … read more

Veneer Repairing as a New Hobby

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have an old desk with the veneer falling off the drawers. I decided I was going to jump into a new hobby, and fix it (or at least try to).Now that I am cross-eyed from site after site not t … read more

The spot on the veneer isn't a water spot

Oct 28th 2015

Question:On first inspection, one of my JBL 4350 Cabinets with walnut veneer had what appeared to be a simple watermark. I tried “floating” out the stain using linseed oil and gum turpentine to no ava … read more

Gluing veneer on exterior door

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I’m restoring a pair of exterior glass panel doors from a Manhattan brownstone. They’re about 100 years old and the veneer on the exposed side needs replacing. I don’t have a vacuum press and … read more

How Do I Splice Wood Veneer for My Project?

Posted by Jay on Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a panel 14 by 24 inches to apply veneer to and two pieces of veneer neither of which are big enough to use individually but together they are ample. How do I splice them so that they p … read more