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Veneer Questions Answered

Getting bubbles out of veneer



I have an 80-year-old piano that the previous owner tried to refinish. Some of the veneer on the top is bubbled up. I tried using an iron to stick it back down, but it didn’t help. I thought maybe injecting some glue into the bubbles with a syringe might help, but I’m open to any suggestions. The only other thing that occurred to me was to buy a sheet of veneer, peel off the entire mess, and fix it in one clean sweep.


If the veneer is just de-laminating, it’s possible to get it back down if you can get some glue back under the de-lamination. The original glue was probably hide glue so you can either use this or regular wood glue. Both are thermal reactive and will set and cure with heat from a regular household iron.

The other thing you have to consider is, if this one area has delaminated, how many other areas are weak or about to give up? If you think the latter might be true you should consider taking up the old veneer and replacing all of it with new.

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Cleaning antique wood veneer

Question:I have a veneered hope chest by Lane Furniture that is 60-70 yrs old. It was my mother-in-law’s and it was her mother’s before that. The veneer itself seems to be fine (meaning it isn’t buckling or damaged). However, the clear finish on the veneer seems to be coming off. It’s almost flaking. I don’t [...]

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Veneer Repairing as a New Hobby

Question:I have an old desk with the veneer falling off the drawers. I decided I was going to jump into a new hobby, and fix it (or at least try to).Now that I am cross-eyed from site after site not telling me anything, I have landed here. I need instructions for a beginer that might [...]

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The spot on the veneer isn't a water spot

Question:On first inspection, one of my JBL 4350 Cabinets with walnut veneer had what appeared to be a simple watermark. I tried “floating” out the stain using linseed oil and gum turpentine to no avail. OK, strip the whole top and resand. The “infected” area will not take the new stain. It simply beads up. [...]

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Gluing veneer on exterior door

Question:I’m restoring a pair of exterior glass panel doors from a Manhattan brownstone. They’re about 100 years old and the veneer on the exposed side needs replacing. I don’t have a vacuum press and was going to use contact cement. If the doors are finished well will this suffice?Is flammable contact cement more durable than [...]

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How Do I Splice Wood Veneer for My Project?

Question:I have a panel 14 by 24 inches to apply veneer to and two pieces of veneer neither of which are big enough to use individually but together they are ample. How do I splice them so that they provide a seamless appearance?Answer:Hi Roger,The simplest way to do this is to lay the two veneer [...]

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