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Help! Stained Plywood?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a desktop made from 3/4″ finish grade birch plywood. I had previously stained the suface with an oil based stain and then a polyurethane finish.I want to apply a 10mil paperbacked vene … read more

Veneering over Raw Veneer

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have unfinished veneer on the side of a dresser and want to put new birch veneer over it. What would be the best method of applying the new veneer given that it is going over unfinished ven … read more

How should I veneer my fireplace mantle?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I want to put a veneer facing on my fireplace mantle. It is a chunk of Birch wood with dowels put in the front to support it to the stone. It does not look attractive so I want something to c … read more

Veneering Rounded Corners

Oct 28th 2015

Question:Hi. I want to refinish an old cedar chest. The entire inside of the chest is unfinished red cedar. However the outside top, sides, and front have a veneer. Before I realized what veneer was … read more

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I was going to redo my kitchen (tear everything out) when I saw a DIY show about veneer. Really nothing wrong with my cabinets except they are too dark. I would like to veneer with birch.I wi … read more