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Newbie Veneering a Table Top

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have recently constructed a table top. It’s approximately 8 ft by 4 ft with a 3 inch deep edge all the way around. I’ve made it very solid, and it’s perfectly sanded and even all over.I am … read more

Veneering rounded surfaces

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I would like to veneer the side of a table but it is rounded. Is it possible to do this? Or do you always need a straight surface?Answer:Are you inquiring about veneering the “apron’” of the … read more

Will PSA veneer adhere to plastic?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:Any input and/or suggestions regarding applying PSA veneer over cabinets that have plastic laminate facing will be appreciated. At this point, I do not know the condition of the laminate, whe … read more

Help please! Buckling veneer

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a problem with some 3M peel and stick veneer. The veneer is not just coming loose and bubbling. It seems to be buckling as if the veneer is absorbing moisture and buckling like a hardw … read more

Which veneer? Help!

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I’m starting out on my first woodworking project, attempting to build a piece of entertainment furniture using particleboard. I would like to finish the project with veneer.I guess I am at a … read more

Veneering drum shells. Any help out there?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I plan on veneering some naked maple drum shells. I would like to use a nice quilted maple veneer and then stain it somewhere between rosewood and walnut in finish.the radius of the drums wil … read more