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Newbie Veneering a Table Top



I have recently constructed a table top. It’s approximately 8 ft by 4 ft with a 3 inch deep edge all the way around. I’ve made it very solid, and it’s perfectly sanded and even all over.

I am interested in covering it with a dark veneer probably something like your Wenge Veneer, but I have no idea where to start in terms of attaching the veneer and then finishing – yes it’s my first job!

Can you point to something I can read or offer any basic advice? I have the use of a very good workshop to do the job with most of the tools I would imagine I would need

Great site thanks!!


Visit our User Tips section. You’ll find the techniques most commonly used in applying veneer. The two you will concentrate on are the contact cement method and the hot iron method with regular woodworking or PVA glue.

These two methods can be done with minimal tools and don’t require a press or any clamping method. Keep in mind that, if you use contact cement, we would recommend you use our Bubble Free Veneer. If you use the hot iron method, you can use 10 mil paperbacked veneer.

Of the two, I prefer the hot iron method because I’m a believer in a stronger glue line which is what you’ll have with the wood glue. However, the contact cement can be successful with the proper veneer and the correct pressure method, a hard-edged scraper or block. Never use a j-roller when laying down veneer. You just can’t get enough pressure with it.

These are some quick bullet points to get you going in the right direction. If you have a need for more technical advice, you a can always contact us for support.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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