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Wood Veneer for Lampshades



I'm trying to make a lamp shade with veneer that is transparent enough to allow light to penetrate. I've tried a couple of species - Walnut and Wattle, without success, it's either too thick or too dense to let light through. Can you recommend a species/thickness/backing that would be suitable for this?           


The best suggestion would be to request a maple or birch veneer with a white backer. That will allow the light to shine through the veneer.

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Pinholes in Mahogany Veneer

Question: I'm a long time finisher I'm having pinhole problems on mahogany veneer I'm using a product called level sealer made by ML Campbell as the piece is to be a clear finish and using as to fill the grain but on a few pieces I have what looks to be pinholes that keep reappearing only on a couple [...]

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Getting bubbles out of veneer

Question:I have an 80-year-old piano that the previous owner tried to refinish. Some of the veneer on the top is bubbled up. I tried using an iron to stick it back down, but it didn’t help. I thought maybe injecting some glue into the bubbles with a syringe might help, but I’m open to any [...]

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2-sided veneer application

Question:I have sort of a tricky question and, after much surfing on the net and sifting through the other posts on this forum, this seems like the best place to find an answer.My project is a little complicated to explain, but the best way would be to imagine a box with one side open. I [...]

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Veneering both sides of MDF

Question:I’m building an entertainment center and using 10 mil paperbacked Walnut veneer over MDF. I have seen DITY advice on the Internet saying that it’s necessary to veneer both sides of the MDF. I would like to avoid doing it, given the extra cost involved and the fact the back of the entertainment center will [...]

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Newbie Veneering a Table Top

Question:I have recently constructed a table top. It’s approximately 8 ft by 4 ft with a 3 inch deep edge all the way around. I’ve made it very solid, and it’s perfectly sanded and even all over.I am interested in covering it with a dark veneer probably something like your Wenge Veneer, but I have [...]

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Cleaning antique wood veneer

Question:I have a veneered hope chest by Lane Furniture that is 60-70 yrs old. It was my mother-in-law’s and it was her mother’s before that. The veneer itself seems to be fine (meaning it isn’t buckling or damaged). However, the clear finish on the veneer seems to be coming off. It’s almost flaking. I don’t [...]

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Veneering Stairways

Question:I just bought a new house and want the stairs to look 100% wood. At this point, each step is made of ash, but the riser is just painted white on an unknown type of wood. In all your products, what type of veneer should I get to give the riser the look I want? [...]

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Veneering rounded surfaces

Question:I would like to veneer the side of a table but it is rounded. Is it possible to do this? Or do you always need a straight surface?Answer:Are you inquiring about veneering the “apron’” of the table or a “round-over edge” on the top? A curved or rounded apron is certainly doable but a round-over [...]

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What's the best glue for 10ml paperbacked veneer?

Question:I recently purchased 10ML Paperbacked Jatoba veneer sheets but have only used pre-glued sheets in the past. What is the recommended way to apply the 10ML Paperbacked sheets to 1/2″ Birch Ply? What Glue should I use and what will give me the best results? HELP?Answer:The best method of glueing would require that you have [...]

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