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Veneering a Dining Table

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I will be making a dining room table and want to use rosewood veneer over 3/4″ plywood. What is the best method for glueing the veneer to the plywood? I do not have a vacuum press. The larges … read more

Can I mix raw with paperbacked veneers?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a several sheets of raw veneer, 1/42″ thick, that I would like to use on the visible parts of furniture. The substrate will be 3/4″ birch plywood. Since I don’t know how 10 mil compare … read more

Do I sand painted surfaces before veneering?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have a pair of speakers painted black. There is one coat of sealer and two coats of black, oil-based enamel on each MDF box. Is rough sanding followed by finer sanding enough or do I have t … read more

Can you die cut wood veneer?

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I am looking for a veneer that can be die-cut as if it was corrugated board, paperboard, polypropylene etc. This requires cutting with knife/pressure (easy) and creasing (scoring) using eithe … read more

Veneer Repairing as a New Hobby

Oct 28th 2015

Question:I have an old desk with the veneer falling off the drawers. I decided I was going to jump into a new hobby, and fix it (or at least try to).Now that I am cross-eyed from site after site not t … read more