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Veneer Gluing Problems

Veneer Gluing Problems



I am trying to glue cherry veneer to MDF with yellow glue. I put a thin coat of glue on the veneer and the MDF. How do I keep the veneer from curling as I wait for the glue to dry?


When gluing veneer down to any substrate with a glue such as a yellow or carpenters glue you need to create some form of a press. A veneer press can be as simple as 2 pieces of plywood (or MDF) slightly larger than your panel that you would sandwich your panel in between, (remember to place some wax paper between your work and the plywood so as not to glue your press to your panel) then with the use of clamping cauls positioned every 6 or so inches to maintain even pressure across the entire piece to assure a good bond.

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