The spot on the veneer isn't a water spot

Oct 28th 2015


On first inspection, one of my JBL 4350 Cabinets with walnut veneer had what appeared to be a simple watermark. I tried “floating” out the stain using linseed oil and gum turpentine to no avail. OK, strip the whole top and resand. The “infected” area will not take the new stain. It simply beads up. So now, without veneering it again, I’m not sure what to do to try and fix this infected area. Any ideas out there?

Commenter’s Question:

It could be some type of burned in wax? How to float this out?


If you've stripped the finish and still can’t get a stain to disappear you will probably have to re-veneer, if you want it removed. My speculation is that the spot could be a glue spot or something else that happened in production.

Regardless of what it is, if you can’t remove it with solvent (denatured alcohol, lacquer thinner) then you can only try to sand it out. This will be tricky on veneer and may not be successful but try it before re-veneering. The worst that can happen is you sand through the veneer and have to re-veneer anyway.

The best case scenario is you will actually remove the stain and life will be sweet again. Good luck!

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support