South American Rosewood Veneer Speakers


These Italian South American Rosewood High Fidelity Loudspeakers were designed around premium European drivers and components.  The goal was to keep top quality as the main focus, regardless of the cost of material or labor.

The starting point was a 1-inch thick MDF cabinet, but under the wood veneer---invisible on the outside---are nine layers of high-pressure laminate backer added and auditioned one layer at a time.  These nine layers more than doubled the weight of the cabinet from 16 lbs To 37 lbs and lowered the resonant frequency of the cabinets by at least a whole octave.  The overall performance in detail, bandwidth and tone is typically not seen in speakers made of plywood or MDF alone.  The cost is considerably less than traditionally high-end speakers.

The face front of the speaker is Giallo Granite Formica. After the effort taken to make these speakers perform, the only choice of wood veneer for the finishing touch was Premium South American Rosewood from Oakwood.  See front view of speakers below.

CL Acoustic Designs
Alexandria, Virginia