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“Slight” and “Yes” Red Oak Veneer Grading

“Slight” and “Yes” Red Oak Veneer Grading

Posted by Jay


In the HPVA spec’s for Red Oak Veneer In A grade Vine Marks are listed as slight and In B grade they are listed as yes. My question is what is the definition of “slight” and “yes” as it pertains to the standards? I have a few sheets of B grade Red Oak PS BM 4 x 8 veneer that have – in exactly the same location – 5″ to 6″ wide discolored bands across the 4′ width, which I’m told are Vine Marks. They can not be sanded out, will not except stain equal to the rest of the veneer, etc… I plan to use them as edge banding at this point. But I’ve been around wood veneers for the best part of 40 yrs and have never seen anything like this.
P.S. didn’t get it from you guys :) It just has my interest up as to what level of vine defect/damage is considered to be within spec.

Thank you,


Hi Bret,
Generally, when the term “slight” appears, it refers to a defect that is in an inconspicuous area and realtively small in size. “Yes” simply implies the defect can be anywhere in the field of the panel. Unfortunately for you, this is right smack in the middle of what otherwise is a nice sheet of veneer. We like your “PS.” If you order your next sheet of veneer from Oakwood, you have the option to discuss your personal specs for your order. Better yet, we have a very liberal return policy should you not be happy with your veneer purchase.

Thanks for writing!

Jay White
Oakwood Veneer Tech Support