Khaya Veneer - Flat Cut Panels

$132.16 - $463.20
Our wood veneer panel products usually ship within 2-3 three weeks. Please feel free to call us for a more detailed quote.

For architects and designers specifying Khaya Veneer, please select the Premium option, with product number DSV-9912.

Khaya Wood Veneer, Flat Cut, has very nice cathedrals that only enhance this beautiful wood. Khaya has been widely used in furniture for many years. It is a great alternate species for South American Mahogany when a dark stain is to be used.

Khaya Veneer is also known as African Mahogany, Nigerian benin, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast and Ghana Tanzania Mahogany. It is usually grown in Central and Eastern parts of Africa. Similar to many other African trees, khaya is very straight and large. It is so large that it can sometimes grow as much as six to eight times the size of a standard United States maple or cherry tree. Khaya is generally transported with only one log to a large flat-bed truck. It is typically stained to a very dark and rich tone.