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Is Preglued Edgebanding as Thick as PSA Veneer?

Is Preglued Edgebanding as Thick as PSA Veneer?



Is the thickness of the preglued edgebanding the same as the thickness of the PSA veneer (maple flat cut)? Also, is the preglued 2″ edgebanding exactly 2″ or slightly wider. I am going to be refacing some cabinets and if I could use the preglued edgebanding, it would sure save a lot of cutting time.

The pre-glued edgebanding is exactly 2″ wide. Be sure to undertand that every 4′ to 6′ there are finger joints. The glue on the edgebanding is thicker than the glue on the self-stick veneer. Cutting veneer doesn’t really take too long as long as you have a straight edge. I would suggest using the PSA peel and stick veneer.

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support