How to Veneer Metal Doors

Posted by Jay on Oct 28th 2015


I have a client asking if I can apply a wood veneer on metal doors. The doors are aluminum with a powder coated finish. They need to pre-finish the doors as the edges and opposite face is exposed. I assume I would have to scuff up the powder coating to get good adhesion but I am curious about what else I need to do. Use paperbacked veneer? Special adhesive? Any input would be appreciated.

Doug Klann


If they are interior doors you can use pressure sensitive veneer (PSA) over the powder coat. No need to do anything but make sure the surface is clean and free of any oils that could be left behind in the manufacturing process. The other aternative is to use a 22 mil paperback veneer with a solvent based contact adhesive, again all the is necessary is to make sure the surface is clean and smooth. The key is to have good pressure during application by using a veneer scraper, do not use any rollers.


Oakwood Veneer Tech Support