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How to Finish Veneer?

How to Finish Veneer?



My plan is to spray some lacquer, Magalac. I’m pretty new at finishing, but I’ve seen it done many times and am confident I can get a good steady spray.

I’d like to describe the way I’m gonna do it, and how I’ve been told to do it and see if there are any problems or things to improve on:

The Process

  1. Sanding, 120, 150, 180, 220.
  2. Spray sanding sealer.
  3. Hand sand with 220 (Can I use an orbital with a 220 pad?)
  4. Shoot a second coat of sanding sealer.
  5. Sand with 220.
  6. Then shoot with Magnalac lacquer.
  7. Re-shoot.

That’s the way I’ve seen it done. Always remembering not go too thick on the spray because of cracking.

I’d really appreciate some feedback on the process.


Prep is key to a good finish. The finer the sanding the better the finish. Generally 220 grit is acceptable for the wood itself especially if you intend to stain you project. If you sand too much here you can have difficulty getting the color to take. For the top coat, going through the grits as you build your finish is where you will see the big difference the higher the grit range here the easier it is to rub to your desired sheen.

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