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How Do I Splice Wood Veneer for My Project?

Posted by Jay on Oct 28th 2015


I have a panel 14 by 24 inches to apply veneer to and two pieces of veneer neither of which are big enough to use individually but together they are ample. How do I splice them so that they provide a seamless appearance?


Hi Roger,
The simplest way to do this is to lay the two veneer pieces face to face and trim with a straight edge, creating a perfect splice joint. When you flip the two pieces over, they will line up perfectly. Next use veneer tape (a thin water-based tape)to “stitch” the two pieces of veneer together from the top. After laying up this newly joined piece of veneer to your board, when completely set, sand or scrape the tape off from the surface. The best sandpaper to use would be 180-grit. Let us know how this works. Best of luck!

Jay White
Oakwood Veneer Tech Support