English Sycamore Veneer Side Table


Some pieces speak for themselves. This is one of them. Here is what the client said about the project.

"The veneer is an English Sycamore (premium-paper backed) which worked really well over the MDF substrate. The base is solid stock of the same wood.

The detail around the top is a strip of Wenge inserted into a dado after the veneer was applied.  The details at the corners of the legs were a lamination of two wenge layers and a maple veneer between and occupied about a 1/4" square on each corner of the legs.  The legs are also MDF and were routed to shape and tuned up by hand.  The finish is about twelve coats of satin lacquer...

There were two made at the same time and they took about three weeks to build and a week to finish. They measure 42" x 14" x 36"h. "

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Frank Clements
Practically Art
Arlington, Texas