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Ebony Veneer - Macassar Quartered

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Ebony Veneer - Macassar Quartered Information

Product Description

Quartered Macassar Ebony has the beautiful tones of the wood with a straighter grain. African Macassar Ebony veneer is the most widely used in the Ebony family. Its uses range from musical instruments to tool handles. Its unusual grain makes it difficult to get multiple sheets to match.  If you are looking for sequenced sheets, please choose the Premium option.  We will not be able to sequenced in the Standard veneer choice.

Macassar Ebony Wood Veneer is primarily found in The Celebes Islands. It can be known as Madagascar, Tendu, Temru, Tunki and Timbruni but is most commonly called Indian Ebony, Coromandel and Calamander Wood.

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