Cherry Veneer - Flat Cut Slip Match American Black Panels

£167.06 - £302.78
Our wood veneer panel products usually ship within 2-3 three weeks. Please feel free to call us for a more detailed quote.

For architects and designers specifying Rustic Knotty Western Red Cedar Veneer, please specify product number DSV-7619.

Flat Cut, Slip Match Cherry Wood Veneer gives you a nice cathedral and with a slip match look. Slip match creates a mirror of the flitch as opposed to book-match that opens like a book. For over 200 years, furniture makers have enjoyed using American Cherry veneer. Its smooth pattern and nice color make it perfect for most projects.

Cherry is found across the United States and Canada. While commonly referred to as Black Cherry and Cabinet Cherry it can also be known as Rum Cherry, Whiskey Cherry and Wild Cherry.