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Can you die cut wood veneer?

Can you die cut wood veneer?



I am looking for a veneer that can be die-cut as if it was corrugated board, paperboard, polypropylene etc. This requires cutting with knife/pressure (easy) and creasing (scoring) using either compression or a half-cut (hard).

I would consider a veneer with a heavy paper backing particularly if veneer was thin, perhaps 200 micron paper + 100 micron veneer (if doable). Apologies for metric measures.

I imagine veneer would need some treatment to prevent it from drying out. Any ideas?


We can’t claim to be an expert on this subject, but we have had some customers use our PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) veneer to die cut letters and numbers for resale. We don’t know anything more about the process than that. We assume our 10 mil paperback veneer could be used as well. Sorry for our lack of experience in this area.

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