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Applying veneer over vinyl

Applying veneer over vinyl



I have 7 new audio speakers that currently been skinned in black vinyl. Can I use a veneer hardwood and re-skin the speakers over the vinyl? Mainly concern of covering the top, bottom and sides. The face is covered with a grill. Below is the speaker. How much of a radius will the veneer handle?


The one product you can use with confidence over the vinyl would be the PSA adhesive backed veneer. This veneer has a 3M adhesive back so all you have to do is cut to size, peel, press and stick. If you used paperback veneer, you would have to use contact cement but my concern is that the contact cement would react adversely with the vinyl. If you decide to go this direction, we would advise you to remove the vinyl first. [2006]

Oakwood Veneer Tech Support

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