Need Wood Veneer Right NOW? We can do it!

Peter Rodgers: "Our new quarters provides everything we need to stock our complete line of wood veneers and process each order efficiently. We've planned it so we have room to grow as we continue to serve the woodworking industry. Get to know us!"


Come to our showroom today! We'll show you hundreds of samples of flexible wood veneer so you can make an immediate selection. If the choices are overwhelming, no problem. Our experienced veneer experts will discuss your project with you and help you make the right choice.

Our staff will then go to the warehouse to pack it up for you so you can take it back to your workshop and get to work.

If you're not in the neighborhood, we'll give your online or phone order the same undivided attention and ship it to you the same business day if you call us by Noon EST or the next business day if you order later in the afternoon — or even if you place an order online overnight.

We're here to serve you in any way possible. We want you to be a happy long-time customer and we'll prove it to you each time you're in touch with us. Call us for technical veneering questions as well as placing orders. We'll help get your woodworking project done — and done right.

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