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Veneer Questions Answered

Veneering a non-rounded corner

Question:I am a new woodworker and I’d like to start implementing veneering into my projects.I’ve studied substrates and despite what I’ve found I am going with Red Oak for my next project, a jewelry box. This is the easiest for me to work (and minimizes splintering since I am not yet that skilled). I have [...]

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Inlaying wood veneer

Questions: Are Oakwood Veneer’s veneering products suitable for inlay work on small furniture items (not flooring)?If possible, how difficult is it?What types of inlay are possible? Stringing? Parquetry? Marquetry?Is the application process different from the standard procedure?Answer:I’m very new at this stuff, but I played around with inlay work using veneers on two tables. I found [...]

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Is Epoxy a good finish for wood veneer?

Question:Do you think it is possible to use an epoxy for the finish on skateboards? I did a prototype, and it took too long to apply 6 coats of varnish to get a thick bar-type finish.Answer:Epoxy is a good finish for exterior use. This would include skateboards, windows and doors, etc. We recommend Gougeon Brothers brand [...]

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Wood veneer for ship models?

Question:I’m looking for a veneer that’s has very light, very tight, or no grain, for use on a 1/350 scale model ship. I’m modelling the Titanic, and she had decks of “yellow pine” that was bleached so it was very light in color.I’ve seen that there are actually pine veneers available, but I’m afraid the [...]

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How is Italian Zebrawood Veneer Made?

QuestionThe following question just came in:“My question is what is the process for making the Italian veneers, ‘I know they are very consistent. I have used the Italian Zebrawood and like it. I am trying to explain it to others and I do not know how to.”Thanks,BobAnswerEngineered or reconstituted veneers are made from real woods. [...]

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