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At last a quality flexible wood veneer. Bubble-Freee Veneer has what it takes!

Completely flexible and sandable 22.2 mil combined thickness of veneer backingCovers underlying imperfectionsTwo layers of thermoset, moisture & vapor resistant glue blocks interaction of glue and stain, preventing bubbles and checking

Layer-by-Layer Breakdown

Think of its construction as being like plywood that's just 22.2 millimeters thick. There are five layers in each sheet of Bubble-FreeTM veneer:

Wood Veneer top layer Melamine resin acrylic layerCenter paper layerMelamine/resin acrylic layerBottom paper layer

Each layer adds stability to the veneer yet it remains flexible. The layers create a complete vapor barrier so stain and finish cannot react with the contact cement or other adhesive

Oakwood Veneer Company specializes in exotic and burl veneers with more than 300 species of wood in stock. Some veneers include maple, ash, beech, red oak, rosewood, teak, cherry, mahogany and more.

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Our most popular ready-to-ship in-stock flexible wood veneers:

View our favorite veneers American Beech Padauk Carpathian Elm Jatoba Quartered Alder Mahogany Zebrawood Red Oak
Quartered Butternut Makore Pecky Cypress Ash Burl Maccassar Ebony Red Birch Natural Bamboo Sycamore
Australian Lacewood Walnut Waterfall Bubinga Curly Maple Quartered Hickory White Oak Purpleheart Ropey Cherry

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